Pravin C Sevak teaches graphic design at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Pravin has taught and practiced design in India and in Ohio, Missouri, and Kentucky, where he has been recognized as the most influential teacher based on graduate student surveys. He graduated from the National Institute of Design (NID), the most highly reputed design institution in Asia, in 1979, after studying Science from Gujarat University. He then began his career with one of the most recognized graphic designers in India, Sudarshan Dheer. Later, he worked with Bidhan Advertising Agency, and Creative Unit Advertising Agency, Bombay. In 1983, recognizing his professional experience and his passion to teach graphic design, the National Institute of Design invited him to join as a design faculty. During his first three years at NID, he underwent rigorous faculty training as a design researcher and educator. He was involved in expanding and developing curricula, and enhanced the image of the institution by accomplishing prestigious professional projects. In recent years he has explored different forms of creative expression and created a wide variety of work in media ranging from photography, painting, illustration, printmaking, graphic design and design pedagogy. Pravin has also actively participated in numerous exhibitions, competitions, workshops and conferences and received much recognition and awards in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, Iran, and India. "Eventually," he says, "in this information age, my research goal is to understand, explore, and share cross-cultural design needs."

PRAVIN C SEVAK EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION 1983-1986 Faculty Research and Training Program (3 years special design research and faculty training program) National Institute of Design NID, India 1973-1980 Diploma in Visual Communication-Graphic Design 5 1/2 Year Professional Education Program - National Institute of Design NID, India (Equivalent to Post Graduation in Design Education) 1971-1973 Science - Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2003-present Associate Professor-graphic design, Western Michigan University, Michigan 2000-2003 Assistant Professor and coordinator, Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky 1999-2000 Assistant Professor-graphic design, Truman State University, Missouri 1998-1999 Assistant Professor-graphic design, Ohio University, Athens Ohio Coordinator, Graphic Design Computer Lab, as an additional charge 1998-1999 1983-1998 Senior Designer, National Institute of Design, India Foundation Program Coordinator as an additional charge 1997-1998 1980-1983 Graphic Communication and Concepts, Bombay, India Designer and Studio Manager - S Dheer’s Graphic Design Studio Art Director, Creative Unite Advertising Agency, Bombay, India Art Director and Studio Manager, Bidhan Adverting Agency, Ahmedabad, India TEACHING EXPERIENCE (Design courses conducted 1979 - 2007) Advertising Art of Bookmaking Capstone Study Color Perception and Practice Computer Graphics I, and II Design Process Elements of Design I, II, and III Environmental Perception Exhibition and Display Design Graduate Presentation and Seminar Graphic Design I, II, III, and IV History of Graphic Design Letterform Media: Web Design Package Graphics Senior Project-Graphic Design Special Topics-Graphic Design Design for Social Issues Typography I, II, and III Visual Systems PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE CORPORATE IDENTITY DESIGN (List of selected prestigious client/commissioned projects completed 1979 - 2007) Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI), Government of India, New Delhi, India Controller and Auditor General of India (CAG), Government of India, Delhi, India Design Matters, symbol design for a design studio, Ahmedabad, India Dream Vision, symbol design for a digital video service, Ahmedabad, India Gujarat Industrial Research and Development Agency (GIRDA), Baroda, India Hindustan Power Plus (HP +), Hindustan Motors, Madras, India Indian Institute of Crafts (IIC), Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India Kapasi Craft Emporium, Ahmedabad, India Model Dairy Plant (MDP), National Dairy Development Board, New Delhi, India National Institute of Biological (NIB), Government of India, New Delhi, India North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation (NERAMAC), India Press Trust of India (PTI), Bombay, India Shiva Export, Textile Yarn Export Company, Bombay, India Spectrum Tricolors Lab, Bombay, India PUBLICATION DESIGN (List of selected prestigious client/commissioned projects completed 1979 - 2007) Book Design–"Indian Anthropometric Dimensions", National Institute of Design Book Design–"Thinking Design", National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India Calendar Design for Government of Gujarat State, Gandhinagar, India Map Design Gujarat Irrigation Scheme, Govt. of Gujarat (creative team) Map Design for Gujarat state, Ahmedabad, India (member creative team) Map Design - Industrial Glimpses of India, Prime Minister's Office, (creative team) Passport Design for SAARC (The South Asian Association for Regional), Government of India, New Delhi, India Poster Design for inForm II and inForm III exhibition, Kalamazoo, Michigan Poster Design for Office of the Dean - Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky Poster Design series on Social Issues: HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Terrorism, and Peace Posters - Centenary Year, India (member creative team) Publication for Agriculture Finance Corporation, Bombay, India Publication for Non Farm Rural Sector, New Delhi, India Postal Stamp Design (first day cover) Social Earning Women Association, India Annual Reports, Posters, and Newsletters, National Institute of Design 1983-1998 Tourist Map of Goa, India (member creative team) Type Design for Devanagari Script Stencil Type, The Bureau of Indian Standards Type Design for Malayalam Script, Malayalam Manorama Press, (creative team) Type Design for Hindi Script, National Institute of Design, India, (creative team) EXHIBITION DESIGN (List of selected prestigious commissioned Permanent Exhibition Design Projects) Project Head and Chief Designer - Hamara Bharat - Our India, (26,000-sq/ft-exhibition area) a multi disciplinary permanent exhibition design for National Children's Museum, New Delhi, India. 1994, 1995 Project Head and Designer - Land and Life Gallery, Discovery of India — a multi disciplinary permanent exhibition design (22,000 sq/ft area) Government of India, Bombay, India, 1991, 1992 Designer (member creative team) - Mauryan dynasty Gallery, Discovery of India — a multi disciplinary exhibition design Government of India, Bombay, India ‘1990 Designer (member creative team) (Other prestigious Exhibition Design for client service/commission projects) Designer - All India Engineering Industry (AIEI) and National Institute of Design Exhibit, Chennai, India, 1988 Project Head and Chief Designer - Convocation Exhibition, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, 1989, 1990, 1996, and 1997 Member creative Design Team - ICSID World Design Award Exhibits, National Institute of Design, India, 1986 Designer (member creative team) - Information Graphics, College of Arts & Sciences, Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky, 2002 Member Design and Execution Team - My Land My People, Traveling Exhibition, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR, 1986, 1987 ADVERTISING DESIGN EXPERIENCE (Advertising projects completed during 1979 - 1984) BIDHAN ADVERTING AGENCY — an advertising agency, India. Campaign Design for NITEX Hosiery Campaign Design for Ambica Textile Mills, Campaign Design for Syntax Plastics Campaign Design for Hotel Karnavati Campaign Design for Avante Carpets. Exhibition Design for Gujarat State Fertilizer Corporation (GSFC) Symbol Design for Bidhan Advertising. CREATIVE UNIT PVT. LTD. — an advertising agency, Bombay, India. Campaign Design for Dawn Mills Campaign Design for Kamala Textile Mills Campaign Design for Lure Cosmetics Campaign Design for National Electronics Company NELCO Campaign Design for Tata Oil Mills Company, TOMCO Campaign Design for Shalimar Tar Products Symbol design for Press Trust of India Symbol design for Indian Molasis Symbol design for Ravalgaon Chocolate. Mr. Sudarshan Dheer's Design Studio — Graphic Communication and Concepts, Bombay, India (Mr. Dheer is a renown graphic designer of India) Symbol/Logo design for Spectrum Trio Color Laboratory Publication Design for Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) Publication Design for Bank of India Publication Design for Hotel Poonam Publication Design for S Dheer’s Design Studio WORKSHOP COORDINATION
(Ideating, programming, conducting and documenting design workshops) Communication Skills, workshop for practicing designers and photographers for Design Department of Health Ministry, Government of India, 1991 Creative workshops for children at Shreyas Foundation, SOS Children's Village, 1995, 1996 and 1997 Summer workshop for children, Ahmedabad, India, 1993 and 1994 Coordinated various workshops conducted by visiting artist and design professionals. Prof. Amy Arntson, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, Wisconsin, 2005 Prof. Arlyn Simon, Ohio University, USA, 1997 Prof. S. Blankenship, New Zealand, 1996 Prof. Don Adleta, chair Graphic Design, Ohio University, USA, 1993 Prof. Max Hillstone, New Zealand, 1988 WORKSHOP PARTICIPATION Apple Yatra - Publication and Multimedia Symposium, Ahmedabad, 1998 Design methods and Practice - Conducted by Prof. Bruce Archer, (presented the paper on design methodology in graphic design education) Advertising and Communication Skills - Slide presentation India Design for Children - book publication conducted by Kohoi Sugiura, Japan, 1984 Semiotics in Design - conducted by Prof. Tom Ockerse, RISD, USA 1986 Web Design Workshop, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1999 GALLERY SHOWS/EXHIBITION
(National and International Juried, invited, solo, and/or group shows 1998-2007) First International Monotheistic Religions Turlej Gallery, Poland 2007 World Award of Monotheistic Religions Poster Exhibition, Tehran, Iran, 2007 By Design, invited exchange show, Oasis Art Gallery, Marquette, Michigan, 2006 By Design, invited group show, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester, 2005 Chairy Tale, invited solo show, Chamber of Commerce, Lowell, Michigan Design Voices group show, Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky Faculty Show, Art Department, Northern Kentucky University, 2000, 2001, 2002 Faculty Show, Western Michigan University, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Faculty Show, Truman State University, Kirksville, Kentucky, 1999 inFORM I, Yantra diagrams exhibition Western Michigan University, Michigan, 2005 inFORM II, Solo show, Gujarat State Visual Artist Organization, India, 2005 inFORM III, Solo exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad India, 2006 Land and Life, Huntington Galleria, Lowell Area Art Council, Lowell, Michigan, 2006 Life Line, Unified Clinics, Art Council of Greater Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2006 Icescape, Lowell Area Arts Council Annual Curated Show, Lowell, Michigan, 2006 Our Town, invited group show, Art Council of Greater Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2006 Sandscape, invited group show, Black Art Gallery, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2006 Sandscape, invited solo show, Huntington Galleria, Lowell, Michigan, 2006 4 Points of View, Invitational Photography Show, Lowell Area Arts Council, Michigan, 2007 Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, 2007 ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES
1998 – Present External Examiner – Prof. Uttpal Barua, PhD candidate, Indian Institute of Technology Gouhati, India 2007 Juror — West Michigan Area Annual Art Show Michigan 2007 Chair, Student’s Scholarship, Grants, & Award Committee, 2004, 2005, and 2006 Graphic Design Entrance Review Committee member 2004, 2005, and 2006 Member, Advisory Council, School of Art, WMU, 2004-2005 Member, Student’s Scholarship, Grants, and Award Committee, 2003 Search Committee member – One-year term position in Photography, 2004-2005 Search Committee member – Tenure track position in Photography, 2004-2005 Search Committee member – Tenure track Photography position I, 2005-2006 Search Committee member – Tenure track Photography position II, 2005-2006 Search Committee member – Associate Dean position - College of Fine Arts 2005 Search Committee member – Graphic Design Faculty position, 2004-2005 Senator – School of Art representative, Western Michigan University, 2004-2007 1984 – 1997 administrative responsibilities Coordinator - Computer Lab, Ohio University, Athens Ohio, 1998-1999 Coordinator - Foundation program, National Institute of Design, India, 1997-1998 Coordinator, multi-disciplinary Elective Courses, NID, 1986-1990 Hostel Warden - NID Boys Hostel, National Institute of Design, India, 1986-1992 Joint Secretary - NID Employees Credit Cooperative Society, 1995-1997 Juror - creativity and crafts workshops for children, India, 1984-1997 Member - Education and Publication committee, NID, India, 1996-1998 Member - Foundation, Graphic Design, Budget, NKU, Kentucky, 2002-2003 Member - Scholarship Committee, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1998-1999 Member - National Institute of Design Admission Tests committee, 1985-1997 Visiting faculty for Mudra Institute of Communication and Advertising, 1992-1998 PUBLICATIONS
(Peer-reviewed/curated design work published in prestigious design publications) Article on design education published in a book - Design Education: Tradition and Modernity 2007 Poster published in Social Design Zine – International design magazine 2007 Series of Posters published in Graphis Poster Annual 2007 Series of posters published in Creativity Annual 36, 2007 Series of Posters published in World Monotheists Religion Poster catalog 2006 Series of symbol design published in Art magazine Kentucky 2002 Symbol design Published in The World of Symbols/Logos and Trademarks-India I Symbol design Published in The World of Symbols/Logos and Trademarks-India II Symbol design Published in Communication Arts Guild (CAG), India RECENT DESIGN CONFERENCES
(Peer-reviewed International design conferences with published papers) Design Education; Tradition and Modernity (DETM) International Design Conference, Ahmedabad, India, 2005 Paper Title: Design Voice - Case study of a Graphic Design Teacher Design Perspectives Envisioning Design for the XXI century, MX International Design Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, 2005 Paper Title: Moving Forward - Graphic Design Teaching and Technology RECENT AWARDS AND/OR RECOGNITION Creativity Annual 36 awards 2007 – Three posters on Peace, Environment and HIV/AIDS received awards in international poster design competition and published in annual book. Graphis Poster Annual 2007 – Three posters on Peace, HIV/AIDS and Environment received three gold awards in international poster design competition and published in annual book The First International Monotheist Religion Award, Iran, 2006 Juror for an annual West Michigan Regional Art Competition 2007 INTERESTS Developmental Communication - Design for Social Issues Signs, Symbols and Semantics - "Reading Picture" Graphic Design Pedagogy and Technology Photography Listening People

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